so choose black leggings and Martin boots to wear, and guard skirts, very leisure and youth, with a white woolen coat, just like Snow White good temperament, super beautiful and tired. Pair Burgundy Martens with black leggings and dresses to create little women!

You can use regular medical alcohol, pour some out and dilute it with water. Then you can spray the insole and the inside of the shoe with a spout, or you can wet it with paper and drip it on the inside. Martin boots smelly because more residue in the shoes inside perspiration caused by the growth of bacteria, in this case sprinkle a small amount Dog fashion Kitchen Cheap Bustier maternity salt, so that it can eliminate the odor in the shoe, moreover can also every night before bed, dip in with cotton ball or rags are small alcohol, evenly over the just take off the glue, shoe, after being dry on the second day morning to wear. After two weeks of this, the stench stops

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